Routledge Handbook on the American Dream

Routledge Handbook on the American Dream

Volume 1


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Acknowledgements Epigraphs Preface Introduction: What is the American Dream? Robert C. Hauhart Mitja Sardoc Economic Success and Upward Economic Mobility and the American Dream Racial Capitalism and (Im)Mobility: Asian Americans in the Contemporary Labor Market Pawan Dhingra Gendered Street Capitalism and the Violence of the American Dream Susan Dewey The Mirage of Meritocracy and the Morality of Grace Victor Tan Chen Hegemony and Interpellation: The Ideological Functions of the American Dream Cyril Ghosh Paradise for Whom? Rural Inequality and the Elusive American Dream Jennifer Sherman Is the Nordic Model more compatible with the American Dream than present-day United States? John Erik Fossum Contemporary Issues in American Dream Studies The Random Factor: Chance, Luck, and the American Dream Mark R. Rank The Feminist American Dream Alison Dahl Crossley Migration and the Immigrant American Dream Migration and the American Dream Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia Post-1965 Immigrants, African Americans and the Limits of the American Dream Milton Vickerman Crime and the American Dream in a Nation of Immigrants Steven F. Messner and Richard Rosenfeld Marginalized Americans and the American Dream Poor But Still Dreaming Francesco Duina The American Dream, Latinx and the US Mass Media in the 21st Century Clara E. Rodriguez Queer Youth and the American Dream Mary Robertson The American Dream Goes Global? Exporting the American Dream: Global Implications Robert C. Hauhart The Chinese Dream, the Wuhan Nightmare, and COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Michael A. Peters Why Is There No European Dream? Blaz Kosovel Sustainability and the American Dream Using Cargo Cult Movements to Explain the Persistent Appeal of the American Dream Robert C. Hauhart Contributor Bios Index
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