Routledge Handbook of Institutions and Planning in Action

Routledge Handbook of Institutions and Planning in Action

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Preface Willem Salet (Ed.) Foreword Richard Bolan Part 1 Institutions in Action Institutions in Action Willem Salet Developing a 'Sociological Institutionalist' Approach to Analysing Institutional Change in Place Governance Patsy Healey Political Articulation and Hegemonic Practices in the Institutionalization of the 'Urban Order' Enrico Gualini Part 2 Institutional innovation Discursive Institutionalism and Planning Ideas Simin Davoudi Institutions in Urban Space: Land, Infrastructure, and Governance in the Production of Urban Property Andre Sorensen Moving Towards a Flat Ontology of Institutional Innovation: Actor-Relational Lessons Learned from Early Water Management Perspectives Luuk Boelens Planning and the Politics of Hope: A Critical Inquiry Jonathan Metzger Part 3 Pragmatism: The Dimension of Action Adapting Different Planning Theories for Practical Judgment Charles Hoch From Garbage in the Streets to Organizers' Opportunities: Exploring the Institutional Pragmatics of Democratic Inter-Subjectivity John Forester What Can We Learn from Evolutionary Theory When Confronting the Deep Challenges of Our Times? Luca Bertolini Learning and Governance Culture in Planning Practice: The Case of Otaniemi Raine Mantysalo, Kaisa Schmidt-Thome & Simo Syrman Part 4 On Justification Constitutions, Laws and Practices: Ethics of Planning and Ethics of Planners Stefano Moroni How to Contextualize Legal Norms in Practices of Sustainable Development? Distinguishing Principles, Rules and Procedural Norms Anoeska Buijze, Willem Salet & Marleen van Rijswick Interpreting Planning as Actions 'In Plural': From Democratic Claim to Diverse Institutional Change Monika De Frantz Provenance, Ideology and the Public Interest in Planning Leonie Janssen-Jansen & Greg Lloyd Part 5 Cultural and Political Institutions in Action Contextualizing Institutional Meaning Through Aesthetic Relations. A Pragmatist Understanding of Local Action Julie-Anne Boudreau 'London's Vatican': The Role of the City's New Architectural Icons as Institutional Imaginaries Maria Kaika The Political Nature of Symbols: Explaining Institutional Inertia and Change Federico Savini & Sebastian Dembski The Urban Commons and Cultural Industries: An Exploration of the Institutional Embeddedness of Architectural Design in the Netherlands Robert. C. Kloosterman Part 6 Institutions and urban transition Pragmatism and Institutional Actions in Planning the Metropolitan Area of Milan Alessandro Balducci Paradoxes of the Intervention Policy in Favelas in Sao Paulo: How the Practice Turned Out the Policy... Suzana Pasternak & Camila D'Ottaviano Ambiguity as an Opportunity: Coping With Change in Urban Megaprojects Stan Majoor Instituting Resilience in the Making of the Istanbul Metropolis Ayda Eraydin & Tuna Tasan-Kok Urban Transformation in the Northern Randstad: How Institutions Structure Planning Practice Jochem de Vries &Wil Zonneveld Reflection Weaving the Threads of Institutions and Planning in Action Mickey Lauria