Routledge Companion to Urban Imaginaries

Routledge Companion to Urban Imaginaries


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1 Introduction: Urban imaginaries in theory and practice Christoph Lindner and Miriam Meissner PART I Eco and resilient 2 Thirsty cities: Who owns the right to water? Dora Apel 3 Rapid adaptation and mitigation planning Ashley Dawson 4 Urban nature and the ecological imaginary Matthew Gandy 5 Litter and the urban imaginary: On chewing gum and street art Maite Zubiaurre 6 IHM-agining sustainability: Urban imaginaries in spaces of possibility Sacha Kagan 7 Formal encounters in two tales of toxicity: Bhopal, Animal's People, Louisville, The Hard Weather Boating Party Barbara Eckstein PART II Smart and digital 8 Smart urban: Imaginary, interiority, intelligence Gillian Rose 9 The origin of the smart city imaginary: From the dawn of modernity to the eclipse of reason Federico Cugurullo 10 Construction performance: How the camera charts progress on site Hugh Campbell 11 Authoritarianism and the transparent smart city Federico Caprotti 12 Digital urban imaginaries: Space, time and culture wars in the cyber-city Jason Luger 13 Urban exposure: Feminist crowd-mapping and the new urban imaginary Nicole Kalms 14 Every breath you take: Captured movements in the hyperconnected city Rodrigo Firmino, Frederick M.C. van Amstel and Rodrigo F. Gonzatto PART III Connected and consuming 15 Imagining the open city: (Post-)Cosmopolitan urban imaginaries Myria Georgiou 16 Beyond East-meets-West: Contemporary Chinese art and urban imaginaries in cosmopolitan Shanghai Jenny Lin 17 Toward a photographic urbanism? Images iconizing cities and swaying urban transformation Michele Nastasi and Davide Ponzini 18 Macau's materialist milieu: Portuguese pavement stones and the political economy of the Chinese urban imaginary Tim Simpson 19 "Like diamonds in the sky": Imaginaries of urban girlhood Agata Lisiak 20 The city on the highway, revisited Richard J. Williams PART IV Uneven and divided 21 Brutalism, ruins, and the urban imaginary of gentrification Christoph Lindner 22 The end of the time of the city? Urbanization and the migrant in British cinema Gareth Millington 23 Chicano Park's urban imaginary: Ethnic ties bonded to place and redistributive urban justice Gerardo Francisco Sandoval 24 Arts districts and the reimagining of neighborhood through arts and culture-based development Meghan Ashlin Rich 25 Jia Zhangke's cinematic vision of urban dystopia in contemporary China Yingjin Zhang 26 ICONi (c)Cities: Global imaginaries of urban dispossession Uli Linke 27 Imagining the entitled middle-class self in the global city: Tiny Times, small-town youth, and the New Shanghainese Tsung-yi Michelle Huang and Muzi Dong PART V Speculative and transformative 28 Urban imaginaries and the palimpsest of the future Nick Dunn 29 Emergent imaginaries: Place, struggle, and survival Andrea Gibbons 30 Queer urban imaginaries Ben Campkin 31 Crafted imagination: Future-builders and the contemporary logic of experimentalism Federico Savini 32 Urban space and the posthuman imaginary Debra Benita Shaw
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