Routledge Companion to Jane Austen

Routledge Companion to Jane Austen


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Introduction Part I Jane Austen's Works Northanger Abbey and the Functions of Metafiction Jodi L. Wyett Sense and Sensibility, Novel and Phenomenon Peter Graham Pride and Prejudice: Not altogether 'light & bright & sparkling' Susan J. Wolfson The Novelty of Mansfield Park Emily Rohrbach Emma, a Heroine George Justice The Politics of Friendship in Persuasion Michael D. Lewis The Historical and Cultural Aspects of Jane Austen's Letters Jodi A. Devine 'Setting at naught all rules of probable or possible': Jane Austen's 'Juvenilia' John C. Leffel Part II Historicizing Austen: A Sampling Touching upon Jane Austen's Politics Devoney Looser 'A Picture of Real Life and Manners'? Austen, Burney, and Edgeworth Linda Bree Jane Austen and the Georgian Novel Elaine Bander From Samplers to Shakespeare: Jane Austen's Reading Katie Halsey Pedestrian Characters and Plots: Persuasion and The Heart of Midlothian Tara Goshal Wallace From Jewelled Toothpick-Cases to Blue Nankin Boots: Austen, Consumerist Culture, and Narrative Laura M. White 'Bringing her Business Forward': Jane Austen and Political Economy Sarah Comyn Material Goods in Austen's Novels Sandie Byrne Jane Austen and Music Laura Voracheck 'All the Egotism of an Invalid': Hypochondria as Form in Jane Austen's Sanditon Sarah Marsh Jane Austen and the Whitewashed Past Olivia Murphy They Came Before and After Olivia: Cats, Black Ladies and Political Blackness in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Austen Lyndon J. Dominique Part III Critical Approaches to Austen: A Sampling Hearing Voices in Austen: The Representation of Speech and Voice in the Novels Adela Pinch Being Plotted, Being Thrown: Austen's Catch and Release William Galperin Austen's Literary Time Amit Yahav Austen, Masculinity, and Romanticism Sarah Ailwood Jane Austen Likes Women: Self-Worth, Self-Care, and Heroic Self-Sacrifice Kathleen Anderson 'Queer Austen' and Northanger Abbey Susan Celia Greenfield 'A Perfectly Swell Romance': Jane Austen and Fred Astaire: A Case Study in Analogy Criticism Paula Marantz Cohen Translating Jane Austen: World Literary Space and Isabelle de Montolieu's La Famille Elliot (1821) Rachel Canter Jane Austen and the Social Sciences Wendy Jones Part IV Austen's Communities: A Sampling Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal and Persuasions On-Line: 'Formed for [an] Elegant and Rational Society' Susan Allen Ford 'It is Such a Happiness When Good People Get Together': JAS and JASNA Alice Marie Villasenor Live Austen Adaptation in the Age of Multimedia Reproduction Christopher C. Nagle 'You do not know her or her heart': Minor Character Elaboration in Contemporary Austen Spin-off Fiction Kylie Mirmohamadi Jane Goes Gaga: Austen as Celebrity and Brand Marina Cano Global Jane Austen: Obstinate, Headstrong Pakistanis Laaleen Sukhera Race, Class, Gender Remixed: Reimagining Pride and Prejudice in Communities of Colour Sigrid Michelle Anderson Writing Community: Some Thoughts about Jane Austen Fanfiction Melanie Borrego Part V Teaching Jane Austen: A Sampling Teaching Jane Austen in the Twenty-First Century Michael Gamer and Katrina O'Loughlin Close Reading and Close Looking: Teaching Austen Novels and Films Martha Stoddard Holmes Myth, Reality, and Global Celebrity: Teaching Jane Austen Online Gillian Dow and Kim Simpson Epistemic Injustice in Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park; Or, What Austen Teaches Us about Mansplaining and White Privilege Tim Black and Danielle Spratt Race, Privilege, and Relatability: A Practical Guide for College and Secondary Instructors Juliette Wells Austen's Belief in Education: Soseki, Nogami, and Sensibility Kimiyo Ogawa Teaching Jane Austen through Public Humanities: The Jane Austen Summer Program Inger S. B. Brodey, Anne Fertig, and Sarah Schaefer Walton
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functions;politics;friendship;novelty;pride;Edgeworth;Shakespeare;Young Man;Lady Delacour;Mansfield Park;Mr Knightley;Free Indirect Discourse;Austen's Fiction;Fanny Price;Austen's Juvenilia;Austen's Novels;General Tilney;Devoney Looser;Lady Catherine De Bourgh;Circuitous;Austen's Letters;Henry Tilney;Mary Wollstonecraft;Austen's World;Barton Cottage;Janine Barchas;Captain Benwick;Chawton House Library;Godmersham Park;Dashwood Sisters;Norland Park;Edward Ferrars