Role of Bacteria in Urology

Role of Bacteria in Urology


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1. Bacteria in the Genitourinary Tract: The Microbiota and Probiotics.- 2. Overview of Urinary Tract infections.- 3. Pathogenic Mechanisms of Uropathogens.- 4. Urosepsis: Pathogenesis and Treatment.- 5. Struvite Stone Formation by Ureolytic Biofilm Infections.- 6. The Management of Infection Stones.- 7. The use of Probiotic Bacteria to Treat Recurrent Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone Disease.- 8. Role of Oxalobacter formigenes Colonization in Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone Disease.- 9. BCG for the Treatment of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer.- 10. The Microbiome in Female Urology.- 11. The Microbiome in the Prostate: Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer.- 12. Beyond Bacteria: The Mycobiome and Virome in Urology.- 13. Metagenomics and the Microbiome.- 14. Urologic Devices: Infection and Encrustation.- 15. Role of Bacteria in Non-infection Stone Formation.- 16. The role of the intestinal microbiome in oxalate homeostasis.
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