Relationship-Driven Supply Chain

Relationship-Driven Supply Chain

Creating a Culture of Collaboration throughout the Chain


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Contents: Preface; Foreword by Alan Waller; Introduction. Part 1 The Supply Chain Reviewed: The supply chain; Supply chain history; Supply chain growth; Benefits of supply chain management; Five key aspects for supply chain management; Approaches to supply chain management; Supply chain management changes traditional ways; Supply- or demand-led supply chains; Transactional or collaborative supply chains; Contrasts between Type I and Type II supply chains; Supply chain operations; Problems in integrating supply chains; Supply chain strategy; Supply chain planning; Supply chain key performance indicators; Supply chain metrics and strategies; Supportive supply chain management approaches. Part 2 People Relationships at Work: People relationships are important; Understanding individuals; Individual management styles; Team relationships; Building people relationships; Work/company culture. Part 3 Supply Chain Relationships in Business: Percy and Charlie; Internal structures and relationships; Supplier appraisal; Vendor rating; Corporate social responsibility; Supplier audits; Structuring for supply chain management; Intercompany relationships; Supply chain re-thinking; Thinking right; Strategy changes; Operating changes; Sustaining strategic supplier collaboration; Dynamic requirements for building supply chain relationships; Benefits of better relationships. Part 4 Changing and Improving Supply Chain Relationships: Maintaining collaborative buyer-supplier relationships; Stages in developing a collaborative relationship; Relationships and trust; Strategic trust in supply chain collaboration; Changing organisational behaviour; Improving supplier relationships: implementation difficulties; Levels of communication; Collaboration: perspectives; Keys factors for establishing successful collaborative relationships; Managing change; People's behaviour during change; The relationship-driven supply chain; Model for developing supply chain relationships. Bibliography; Index.
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