Post-War Experimental Novel

Post-War Experimental Novel

British and French Fiction, 1945-75

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Preface Partition One - Motive: the sense something is missing 1.1 A critical moment - opening a space of discourse Critical climate - historic A wound in cultural history Critical climate - current Attempting to access a point in the past as a synchronic, 'lived-in' space 1.2 On the literature of this study Nationality, experience and social relation On the post-war experimental novel as an 'avant-garde realism' Social engagement and the experimental novel To plot this further in the post-war 1.3 Conflicts in cultural production Contemporaneous cultural climate Dominant literature as societal 'normaliser' 'Reactionary' Vrance Case in point The predicament of cultural refusal 1.4 Historical contexts Writing out of the 1945 event The new 'new' 1968 as performative re-adhesion The old new veneer Era as here presented Partition Two - Diagnoses: the confused narrative of the post-war human 2.1 The sense something is missing A mimesis of violent stupefaction Impossible confrontations The act of forgetting Sorge and the continuity human Cycling violence 2.2 Communal supplication, individual terraforming Depictions of communal, quotidian life Characterisation of an immersive object space The peripherals assert themselves The representative unstable self To follow the thread of an insane norm Partition Three - Treatment: breaking down within the horizon of the real 3.1 Creating space in text Za - Um Ergodic engagement Spatial multiplicity Open signifiers 3.2 Babel, babble, xenoglossia and private language Glossolalia Ecrits bruts and the experimental novel Qonestsans Language as structural reality referent Slang, idiom, argotique Synchronicities in the published/unpublished work 3.3 Cut, shuffle, re-align, re-define No lie junk Liberating the page Hysterical mimesis The response-ible reader Shuffle
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