Populist Radical Left in Europe

Populist Radical Left in Europe


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Introduction: the Populist Radical Left in Europe Giorgos Katsambekis and Alexandros Kioupkiolis Chapter 1 - The Populist Radical Left in Greece: Syriza in opposition and in power Giorgos Katsambekis Chapter 2 - Late modern adventures of leftist populism in Spain: the case of Podemos, 2014-2018 Alexandros Kioupkiolis Chapter 3 - Between populism and socialism: Slovenia's Left party Alen Toplisek Chapter 4 - Jean-Luc Melenchon and France Insoumise: the manufacturing of populism Philippe Marliere Chapter 5 - The Dutch Socialist Party: from Maoist sect to Social Democratic mass party with a populist style Paul Lucardie & Gerrit Voerman Chapter 6 - The German Left party: a case of pragmatic populism Dan Hough & Dan Keith Chapter 7 - Corbynism, populism and the re-shaping of left politics in contemporary Britain Bice Maiguashca & Jonathan Dean Chapter 8 - Populism 2.0: new movements towards progressive populism Alexandros Kioupkiolis Chapter 9 - Postscript: populism, the (radical) left and the challenges for future research Yannis Stavrakakis
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