Politics of the Canoe

Politics of the Canoe


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Chapter 1 Tribal Canoe Journeys and Indigenous Cultural Resurgence: A Story from the Heiltsuk Nation Chapter 2 'This is What Makes Us Strong': Canoe Revitalization, Reciprocal Heritage, and the Chinook Indian Nation Chapter 3 Wha Do Ehto K'e Chapter 4 Listening to Model Canoes: Language and Survivance in E. Tappan Adney's Ethnography Chapter 5 Ginawaydaganuc, Algonquin Teachings of the Birch Bark Canoe: The Canoe in Indigenous Community Revitalization and Reconciliation Chapter 6 Pathways to the Forest: Meditations on the Colonial Landscape Chapter 7 Beyond Birch Bark: How Lahontan's Images of Unfamiliar Canoes Confirm His Remarkable Western Expedition of 1688 Chapter 8 Monumental Trip: Don Starkell's Canoe Voyage from Winnipeg to the Mouth of the Amazon Chapter 9 The Dam that Wasn't: How the Canoe Became Political on the Petawawa River Chapter 10 Unpacking and Repacking the Canoe: Canoe as Research Vessel
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