Politics of Hunger

Politics of Hunger

Protest, Poverty and Policy in England, c. 1750-c. 1840

Manchester University Press






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Introduction: 'the unremitted pressure': on hunger politics Part I: Protesting hunger 1 Food riots and the languages of hunger 2The persistence of the discourse of starvation in the protests of the poor Part II: Hunger policies 3 Measuring need: Speenhamland, hunger and universal pauperism 4 Dietaries and the less eligibility workhouse: or, the making of the poor as biological subjects Part III: Theorising hunger 5 The biopolitics of hunger: Malthus, Hodge and the racialisation of the poor 6 Telling the hunger of 'distant' others Conclusions -- .
Eighteenth century; England; Food riots; Hunger; Nineteenth century; Protest; Rural; Social policy; Speenhamland; Workhouse; Zero hunger