Politics of Contested Narratives

Politics of Contested Narratives

Biographical Approaches to Modern European History


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1. The politics of contested narratives: Biographical approaches to modern European history. Introduction Ilse Josepha Lazaroms and Emily R. Gioielli 2. Personal epistemologies: Historiography, self-reflexivity and bios Pierre-Heli Monot 3. Living Mitteleuropa in the 1980s: A network of Hungarian and West German Intellectuals Victoria Harms 4. The double bind of self-narration: Joseph Roth, Jewish identity and the undercurrents of European modernity Ilse Josepha Lazaroms 5. Contiguous spaces of remembrance in identity writing: Chemistry, fiction and the autobiographic question in Primo Levi's The Periodic Table Catalina Botez 6. Measuring identity change: analysing fragments from the diary of Sandor Karolyi with social-network analysis Tunde Cserpes 7. Re-presenting moral ambivalence: narratives of political monologue regarding Andras Hegedus and Pal Teleki George Greskovits 8. Public festivities and the making of a national poet: a case study of Alexander Pushkin's biography in 1899 and 1937 Anastasia Felcher 9. Self-identification through narrative: reflection on the collectivisation of agriculture in Bulgaria Yana Georgieva Yancheva 10. Biography and social change: industrialists and the Communist revolution in Yugoslavia Mitja Suncic 11. The secret life of us: 1984, the miners' strike and the place of biography in writing history 'from below' Daryl Leeworthy
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