Political Economy of Same-Sex Marriage

Political Economy of Same-Sex Marriage

A Feminist Critique

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Introduction Part I (Same-sex) marriage as institution 1. Marriage and family as value in liberal capitalist societies 2. From subversive challenge to liberal rights 3. State rationales: Three case studies Part II Selling same-sex marriage 4. Rainbowing the workplace 5. Same-sex wedding tourism 6. Same-sex marriage intersectionally: Gender, class and race dynamics Part III The political economy of "rainbow families" 7. "Working families": Parenting, productivity and policy 8. "Caring families" and the (still) gendered privatisation of risk 9. Gay dads: The "queered" political economy of surrogacy Conclusion
UN;Rainbow Families;Same-sex marriage;LGBTIQ Rights;political economy;LGBTIQ Populations;institutionalization of same-sex marriage;Gay Men;Civil Union;socioeconomic stratification;Civil Partnerships;malestream political economy;Younger Man;political economy of marriage;Human Rights;Civil Society;IGLHRC;Liberal capitalist democracies;White Wedding;Commercial Surrogacy;Wedding Tourism;Destination Weddings;Surrogacy Arrangements;Wedding Industry;National Statistics 2019a;Pacte Civil De;EU Law;Gay Games;West Germany;FRG;Civil Union Act;Celebrity Cruises