Physics of CT Dosimetry

Physics of CT Dosimetry

CTDI and Beyond

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Chapter 1: Introduction and History Chapter 2: Derivation of Dose Equations for Shift-Invariant Techniques and the Physical Interpretation of the CTDI-Paradigm Chapter 3: Experimental Validation of a Versatile System of CT Dosimetry Using a Conventional Small Ion Chamber Chapter 4: An Improved Analytical Primary Beam Model for CT Dose Simulation Chapter 5: Cone Beam CT Dosimetry: A Unified and Self-Consistent Approach Including All Scan Modalities - With or Without Phantom Motion Chapter 6: Analytical Equations for CT Dose Profiles Derived Using a Scatter Kernel of Monte Carlo Parentage Having Broad Applicability to CT Dosimetry Problems Chapter 7: Dose Equations for Tube Current Modulation in CT Scanning and the Interpretation of the Associated CTDIvol Chapter 8: Dose Equations for Shift-Variant CT Acquisition Modes Using Variable Pitch, Tube Current, and Aperture, and the Meaning of their Associated CTDIvol Chapter 9: Stationary Table CT Dosimetry and Anomalous Scanner-Reported Values of CTDIvol Chapter 10: Future Directions of CT Dosimetry and A Book Summary
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