Palgrave Handbook of Image Studies

Palgrave Handbook of Image Studies

Purgar, Kresimir

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1. Introduction: Between the Creation and Disintegration of Images; Kresimir Purgar.- 2. The Concept of the Image in the Old and New Testaments; Michael Shaw.- 3. Mimesis and Simulacrum in Aristotle and Plato; Nickolas Pappas.- 4. Iconoclastic Disputes in Byzantium; Konstantinos Giakoumis.- 5. Perspective, Space and Camera Obscura in the Renaissance; Ian Verstegen.- 6. Immanuel Kant and the Emancipation of the Image; Mojca Kuplen.- 7. Formalism and Kunstwissenschaft: The "How" of the Image; Andrea Pinotti.- 8. Aby Warburg and the Foundations of Image Studies; Steffen Haug & Johannes von Muller.- 9. Early Interactions of Static and Moving Images; Mirela Ramljak Purgar.- 10. Iconoclasm and Creation of the Avant-Garde; Nadja Gnamus.- 11. Planarity, Pictorial Space, and Abstraction; Jeffrey Strayer.- 12. The Postmodern Image; Luca Malavasi.- 13. Digital images and virtual worlds; Rebecca Haar.- 14. The Martian Image (On Earth); Ingrid Hoelzl and Remi Marie.- 15. Intentionality, Phantasy and Image Consciousness in Edmund Husserl; Claudio Rozzoni.- 16. Aura and Photography in Walter Benjamin; Diarmuid Costello.- 17. Image and the Illusion of Immanence in Jean-Paul Sartre; John Lechte.- 18. Trait, Identity, and the Gaze in Jacques Lacan; Andrei Gornykh.- 19. Symbolic Exchange and Simulation in Jean Baudrillard; Gary Genosko.- 20. Historicity of Observing and Vision in Jonathan Crary; Lukasz Zaremba.- 21. Visual Pleasure and the Male Gaze in Laura Mulvey; Patricia Stefanovic & Ana Gruic.- 22. Reality, Fiction and Make-Believe in Kendall Walton; Emanuele Arielli.- 23. The Technical Image in Vilem Flusser; Dario Vuger.- 24. Im/pulse to See in Rosalind Krauss; Filip Lipinski.- 25. The Power of and Response to Images in David Freedberg; Maxime Boidy.- 26. Ontological Dispute: What Is an Image?; Andrea Rabbito.- 27. Representation and the Scopic Regime of (Post)Cartesianism; Donal Moloney.- 28. The Iconic (In)Difference; Pietro Conte.- 29. Seeing-as, Seeing-in, Seeing-with: Looking Through Pictures; Emmanuel Alloa.- 30. Varieties of Transparency; John Kulvicki.- 31. Photographic Images in the Digital Era; Koray Degirmenci.- 32. Images and Invisibility; Oyvind Vagnes.- 33. How to make images real; Wolfram Pichler.- 34. Images and Ethics; Asbjorn Gronstad.- 35. The Beholder's Freedom. Critical Remarks on the "Will to See"; Mark Halawa-Sarholz.- 36. Surveillance and Manipulation vs. Networking and Sharing; Elio Ugenti.- 37. Mobile images; Gaby David.- 38. Phenomenology of the Image; Harri Macklin.- 39. Visual Semiotics; Angela Mengoni.- 40. Literary Iconology: Tropes and Typologies; Liliane Louvel.- 41. French Theory: Poststructuralism and Deconstruction; Iris Laner.- 42. Anglo-American Theory: Representation and Visual Activism; Andrea Pruchova Hruzova.- 43. German Theory: Bildwissenschaft and the Iconic Turn; Zarko Paic.- 44. The Image and Neuroaesthetics; Matthew Rampley.- 45. Visual Sociology; Carolina Cambre.- 46. Images and Architecture; Vlad Ionescu, Maarten Van Den Driessche, Louis De Mey.- 47. What is Design Theory?; Oliver Ruf.- 48. W. J. T. Mitchell; Kresimir Purgar.- 49. Michele Cometa; Valeria Cammarata.- 50. Paul Crowther; Elena Fell.- 51. Hans Belting; Luca Vargiu.- 52. Dieter Mersch; Marcel Finke.- 53. Klaus Sachs-Hombach; Lukas R. A. Wilde.- 54. Horst Bredekamp; Yannis Hadjinicolaou.- 55. Lambert Wiesing; Yvonne Foerster.- 56. Gottfried Boehm; Rahel Vilinger.- 57. Georges Didi-Huberman; Andrzej Lesniak.
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