Palgrave Handbook of Agricultural and Rural Development in Africa

Palgrave Handbook of Agricultural and Rural Development in Africa

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Introduction SECTION ONEGeneral and Background Issues Chapter 1 Domesticating the SDGs in Africa for Rural and Agricultural Development: The Case of Devolved Governance Chapter 2 Youth Employment Challenge and Rural Transformation in Africa Chapter 3 Impact of Remittances on Agricultural Labour Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa Chapter 4 Electricity Access and Agricultural Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Panel Data Chapter 5 Beyond the Farmgate: Can Social Capital Help Smallholders to Overcome Constraints in the Agricultural Value Chain in Africa? SECTION TWOHouseholds' Livelihood and Welfare Issues Chapter 6 Large-scale Land Investments and Households' Livelihood in Nigeria: Empirical Insights from Quantitative Analysis Chapter 7 Agricultural Productivity and Households' Welfare in Uganda: Examining the Relevance of Agricultural Improvement Interventions Chapter 8 Pattern of Labor Use and Productivity among Agricultural Households in Nigeria Chapter 9 Challenges in Tackling Poverty and Unemployment: Analysis of (YEAP) in Alkaleri, Duguri and Gar Rural Communities of Bauchi State, Nigeria SECTION THREEAccess to Resources, Transformation and Productivity Interactions Chapter 10 Determinants of the Willingness to Pay for Public Sector Health Care Services: An Empirical Study of Rural and Urban Communities in Nigeria Chapter 11 Increasing Agricultural Income and Access to Financial Services through Mobile Technology in Africa: Evidence from Malawi Chapter 12 Identifying the gap between the demand and supply of agricultural finance among irrigation farmers in Namibia Chapter 13 Access to Land and Agricultural Production: Analysis of 'Priority Crops' in Ogun State, Nigeria Chapter 14 Rural Transformation through Savings and Credit Cooperatives Societies in Moshi District, Tanzania SECTION FOUR Employment, Migration and Transformation Nexus Chapter 15 Rural-Urban Labour Migration and Youth Employment: Investigating the Relevance of Nigeria's Agricultural Sector in Employment Generation Chapter 16 Fostering Rural Development and Social Inclusion in East Africa: Interrogating the Role of Cooperatives Chapter 17 Impact of Non-agricultural Activities on Farmers' Income: Evidence from the Senegalese Groundnut Area Chapter 18 Youth Unemployment and Large-Scale Agricultural Land Investments: Examining the Relevance of Indigenous Institutions and Local Capacity in Tanzania Chapter 19 Local Politics of Land Acquisitions for Foreign and Domestic Investments in Tanzania Chapter 20 Agricultural Policy and Food Security in Nigeria: A Rational Choice Analysis SECTION FIVEProcessing, Value Chain and Food Security Chapter 21 Socio-Cultural Factors and Performance of Small-Scale Enterprise in Agro-Allied Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria Chapter 22 Labour Processes in Large Scale Land Investments in Sugar Estates in South-Eastern Zimbabwe Chapter 23 Poverty Reduction, Sustainable Agricultural Development and the Cassava Value Chain in Nigeria Chapter 24 Micro- Determinants of Women Participation in Agricultural Value Chain: Evidences from Rural Households in Nigeria Chapter 25 Job Creation and Social Conditions of Labour in the Forestry Agro-Industry in Mozambique Chapter 26 Boosting Non-Oil Export Revenue in Nigeria through Non-Traditional Agricultural Export Commodities: How Feasible? Conclusion
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