Oxford History of the Novel in English

Oxford History of the Novel in English

Volume 10: The Novel in South and South East Asia since 1945

Oxford University Press






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General Editor's Preface Alex Tickell: Introduction Part I: South Asia 1: Rajeswari Sunder Rajan: The Novel of India 2: Claire Chambers: The Novel of Pakistan 3: Ruvani Ranasinha: The Novel of Sri Lanka 4: Kaiser Haq: The Novel of Bangladesh 5: Abhijit Gupta: Publishing and the History of the Book in South Asia Themes and Genres 6: Antoinette Burton: End of Empire Histories in the post-1945 Novel 7: Tabish Khair: History and the South Asian Novel 8: Shuchi Kapila: Fiction and the Borderland: Partitions and Frontiers 9: Kavita Daiya: Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in South Asian Fiction 10: Kanishka Chowdhury: Globalization and the South Asian Novel 11: Sharae Deckard: Land, Water, Waste: Environment and Ecology in South Asian Fiction 12: Toral Gajarawala: Caste Logics: Categorization, Combination, and the Contemporary Novel 13: Priya Joshi: Genre Fiction in India 14: Charlotta Salmi: The Graphic Novel in South Asia Key Authors 15: G. J. V. Prasad: R. K. Narayan 16: Shirley Chew: Anita Desai 17: Florian Stadtler: Salman Rushdie 18: Chitra Sankaran: Amitav Ghosh Part II: South East Asia 19: Jeffrey Mather: The Novel of Mainland China 20: Elaine Yee Lin Ho: The Novel of Hong Kong 21: May Jurilla: The Novel of the Philippines 22: Andrew Hock Soon Ng: The Novel of Malaysia 23: Philip Holden: The Novel of Singapore 24: Pavan Kumar Malreddy: The Novel of Myanmar 25: Lily Rose Tope: Language Policy, Publishing, and Book History in South East Asia Themes and Genres 26: Andrew Biswell: Writing Imperial Decline in South East Asia 27: Sharmani Patricia Gabriel and Alex Tickell: History, Memory, and Cultural Identity in the Novel of South East Asia 28: Ismail Talib: Language in the Malaysian and Singaporean Novel in English 29: Alex Tickell: Life-Writing, Testimony, and Biographical Fiction 30: Derek C. Maus: Cold War Novels: Korea and Vietnam 31: Kelly Yin Nga Tse: Genre Fiction in South East Asia: Chick Lit and Crime Fiction 32: Cheng Tju Lim: The Graphic Novel in South East Asia Key Authors 33: Xiaojue Wang: Eileen Chang 34: Angelia Poon Mui Cheng: Timothy Mo 35: Maria Luisa Torres Reyes: F. Sionil Jose 36: Eddie Tay: K. S. Maniam and Tash Aw Part III: Cross-Border Fictions 37: Anastasia Valassopoulos: The Novel of the Middle East 38: Prem Poddar: The Indian Ocean Novel 39: Sudesh Mishra: Narrating the Global South Asian Diaspora 40: Weihsin Gui: Narrating the Global South East Asian Diaspora 41: Shafquat Towheed: Publishing the South and South East Asian Novel in the Global Market Works Cited
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