Oxford Handbook of Victorian Medievalism

Oxford Handbook of Victorian Medievalism


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Joanne Parker and Corinna Wagner: Introduction Part One: Medievalism before 1750 1: Philip Schwyzer: King Arthur and the Tudor Dynasty 2: Timothy Graham: Old English and Old Norse Studies to the Eighteenth Century 3: Graham Parry: Validating the English Church 4: Clare Simmons: The Diggers and the Norman Yoke Part Two: Romantic Period Medievalism 5: David Matthews: The Ballad Revival and the Rise of Literary History 6: Jack Lynch: Medieval Forgery 7: Kirsten Wolf: Grimur Thorkelin, Rasmus Rask, and the Origins of Philology 8: Joseph Crawford: The Romantic Gothic Imagination 9: Tom Duggett: Gothic Ruins and Revivals: The Lake Poet's Architecture of the Past 10: Jim Watt: Sir Walter Scott and the Medievalist Novel Part Three: Sources 11: Jane Toswell: The Study of Anglo-Saxon Poetry in the Victorian Period 12: Richard Utz: Chaucer Among the Victorians 13: Jane Hawkes: The Later Victorian Recovery of Anglo-Saxon Sculpture: George Forrest Brown (1833-1930), Proctor, Professor, Bishop and Anglo-Saxonist 14: Huw Pryce: The Irish and Welsh Middle Ages in the Victorian Period 15: Sarah Dunnigan and Gerard Carruthers: Scottish Neomedievalism 16: Eleonora Sasso: The Lure of Boccaccio's Medievalism 17: Carl Phelpstead: Eddas, Sagas, and Victorians 18: Francis Gentry: Medievalism as an Instrument of Political Renewal in 19th-Century Germany 19: Elizabeth Emery and Janet T. Marquardt: The Influences of French Medievalism on Victorian Britain Part Four: Social, Political, and Religious Praxis 20: Will Abberley: Philology, Anglo-Saxonism, and National Identity 21: Richard Gaunt: Toryism and the Young England Movement 22: Dominic Janes: The Oxford Movement, Asceticism and Sexual Desire 23: Ian Haywood: Illuminating Propaganda: Radical Medievalism and Utopia in the Chartist Era 24: Corinna Wagner: Bodies and Buildings: Materialist Medievalism 25: Kathleen Davis and Nadia Altschul: Medievalism and Colonialism: Orientalizing Chile and India in the Age of British Militarized Mercantilism Part Five: Arts and Architecture 26: William Whyte: Ecclesiastical Gothic Revivalism 27: Jim Cheshire: Victorian Medievalism and Secular Design 28: Alex Bremner: The Gothic Revival Beyond Europe 29: Ayla Lepine: The Pre-Raphaelites: Medievalism and Victorian Visual Culture 30: Jan Marsh: William Morris and Medievalism 31: Rosie Ibbotson: Revisiting the medievalism of the British Arts and Crafts Movement 32: John Haines: Medievalist Music and Dance Part Six: Literature 33: Elizabeth Helsinger: Pre-Raphaelite Poetry: Medieval Modernism 34: Clare Broome Saunders: Women Writers and the Medieval 35: Marcus Waithe: Building Utopia: The Structural Medievalism of William Morris's News from Nowhere 36: Antony H. Harrison: Mid-to-Late Victorian Medievalist Poetry 37: Heather O'Donoghue: Re-presenting Icelandic Saga Narrative for Victorian Readers 38: Joanne Parker: Anglo-Saxonism and the Victorian Novel 39: Inga Bryden: Tennyson and the Return of King Arthur