Oxford Handbook of Descartes and Cartesianism

Oxford Handbook of Descartes and Cartesianism

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Part I: Descartes 1: Han van Ruler: Philosopher Defying the Philosophers: Descartes's Life and Works 2: Roger Ariew: What Descartes Read: His Intellectual Background 3: Theo Verbeek and Erik-Jan Bos: Descartes's Correspondence and Correspondents" 4: Lex Newman: Descartes on the Method of Analysis 5: Lawrence Nolan: Descartes's Metaphysics 6: Gary Hatfield: Mind and Psychology in Descartes 7: Helen Hattab: Descartes's Mechanical But Not Mechanistic Physics 8: Sebastien Maronne: Descartes's Mathematics 9: Gideon Manning: Descartes and Medicine 10: C. P. Ragland: Descartes on Freedom 11: Denis Kambouchner: Descartes and the Passions 12: Igor Agostini: Descartes's Philosophical Theology 13: Laurence Renault: Descartes's Moral Philosophy 14: Delphine Antoine-Mahut: Descartes, Politics and 'True Human Beings 15: Frederic de Buzon: The Compendium Musicae and Descartes's Aesthetics Part II: The Cartesians 16: Claudio Buccolini: Mersenne: Questioning Descartes 17: Lisa Shapiro: Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia as a Cartesian 18: Tad M. Schmaltz: Claude Clerselier and the Development of Cartesianism 19: Philippe Drieux: Louis La Forge on Mind, Causality and Union 20: Fred Ablondi: He has created a schism in philosophy': The Cartesianism of Geraud de Cordemoy 21: Denis Moreau: Antoine Arnauld: Cartesian Philosopher? 22: Jean-Christophe Bardout: The Ambiguities of Malebranche's Cartesianism 23: Antonella del Prete: The Prince of Cartesian Philosophers: Pierre-Sylvain Regis 24: Mihnea Dobre: Jacques Rohault and Cartesian Experimentalism 25: Tad M. Schmaltz: Robert Desgabets and the Supplement to Descartes's Philosophy 26: Wiep van Bunge: The Early Dutch Reception of Cartesianism 27: Tad M. Schmaltz: The Curious Case of Henricus Regius 28: Andrea Sangiacomo: Geulincx and the Quod Nescis Principle: A Conservative Revolution 29: Alice Ragni: Johannes Clauberg and the Search for the Initium Philosophiae: The Recovery of (Cartesian) Metaphysics 30: Mitia Rioux-Beaulne: What is Cartesianisma Fontenelle and the Subsequent Construction of Cartesian Philosophy? 31: Sarah Hutton: Cartesianism in Britain 32: Giulia Belgioioso: Italy Did Not Want to Be Cartesian': And For Good Reason 33: Dan Arbib: 33. "The Creation of Eternal Truths: Issues and Context" 34: Jean-Robert Armogathe: Cartesianism and Eucharistic Physics 35: Marie-Frederique Pellegrin: Cartesianism and Feminism Part III: The Critics 36: Helene Bouchilloux: Pascal and Port-Royal 37: Antonia Lolordo: Gassendi as Critic of Descartes 38: Douglas Jesseph: Optics, First Philosophy and Natural Philosophy in Hobbes and Descartes 39: Jasper Reid: Henry More, Supporter and Opponent of Cartesianism 40: Hadley Cooney: Margaret Cavendish vs. Descartes on Mechanism and Animal Souls 41: Steven Nadler: Spinoza, Descartes and the 'Stupid Cartesians' 42: Michael W. Hickson: Simon Foucher and Anti-Cartesian Skepticism 43: Philippe Hamou: Locke on Cartesian Bodies and Cartesian Souls 44: Christia Mercer: Anne Conway's Response to Cartesianism 45: Jean-Pascal Anfray: Leibniz and Descartes 46: Todd Ryan: A Cartesien Manque: Pierre Bayle and Cartesianism 47: Sophie Roux: The Condemnations of Cartesian Natural Philosophy Under Louis XIV (1661-1691) 48: Thomas M. Lennon: Pierre-Daniel Huet, Skeptic Critic of Cartesianism and Defender of Religion 49: Justin Smith: Gabriel Daniel: Descartes Through the Mirror of Fiction 50: Andrew Janiak: Physics and Metaphysics in Descartes and Newton