Oxford Encyclopedia of Latina and Latino Literature

Oxford Encyclopedia of Latina and Latino Literature

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Preface The Latin American Origins of Latina/o Writing: Precolonial and Colonial period Indigenous Manuscripts of Ancient and Early Colonial Mesoamerica: 14th-16th Centuries (Angelica Afanador-Pujol) The History of Latin American Print Culture in the Colonial Period: 16th and 17th Centuries (Blanca Lopez Morales de Mariscal) The History of Latin American Print Culture: 18th and Early 19th Centuries (Censorship and Public Sphere Before and After Independence War) (Rosa Dalia Valdez Garza) Print Culture and Censorship from Colonial Latin America to the US Latina/o Presence in the Nineteenth Century (Matthew J.K. Hill) Alvarez de Toledo y Dubois, Jose (Nicolas Kanellos) de Miranda, Francisco (Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge) Writing in the Southwest Late 19th Century Latina/o Letters: A Heterogeneous Archive (Anita Huizar-Hernandez) Late 19th-Century Periodical Print Culture in the US-Mexico Border Region (Donna M. Kabalen de Bichara) The US-Mexico War and American Literary History (Jaime Javier Rodriguez) Mexican American (Chicana/o) (Frederick Luis Aldama) Californio Testimonios (Rosaura Sanchez) New Mexico Newspapers (Vanessa Fonseca-Chavez) Border and la frontera in the US-Mexico Borderlands (Alicia Arrizon) Seguin, Juan Nepomuceno (Jesus F. de la Teja) Ruiz de Burton, Maria Amparo (Beatrice Pita) Chacon, Eusebio (Francisco A. Lomelli) The Flores Magon Brothers and Magonismo on the Borderlands (Luis A. Marentes) Paredes, Americo - Hector Perez Gloria Anzaldua: Always on the Other Side (Betsy Dahms) Caribbean Latinades Marti, Jose (Alfred J. Lopez) Asian Dimensions of Caribbean Latina/o Identity and Cultural Production (Kathleen Lopez) Circumventing Racialism through Mulataje (Jose F. Buscaglia-Salgado) Nuyorican and Diasporican Literature and Culture (Jorge Duany) Puerto Rican Nationhood, Ethnicity, and Literature (Frances R. Aparicio) The Latino Fiction of Piri Thomas (Arnaldo M. Cruz-Malave) Cuban American Literatures (Ricardo L. Ortiz) Grillo, Evelio (Kenya C. Dworkin y Mendez) Dominican Ethnic Identities, National Borders, and Literature (Lorgia Garcia Pena) Currents in Dominican American Literature (Nancy Kang and Silvio Torres-Saillant) Tigueres and Tigueras in Dominican National and Diasporic Culture (Jacob C. Brown) Vindicating Dominican latinidad through Pedro Henriquez Urena's First New York Stay (Sharina Maillo-Pozo) Junot Diaz's Diasporic Discontents: Race, Sex, Belonging, and the Promise of Decolonial Love (Yomaira Figueroa) Indiana Hernandez, Rita (Selma Feliciano Arroyo) Central American American Central American-American Feminisms (Yajaira M. Padilla) Central American-American Identity and Politics (Maritza E. Cardenas) Decoloniality and Identity in Central American Latina and Latino Literature (Arturo Arias) Maya Youth Literatures in the Diaspora (Floridalma Boj Lopez) Radio and the (Re) Construction of Maya Identity in the Diaspora (Alicia Ivonne Estrada) War and Its Impact on Central American-American Literature (Tatiana Arguello) The Indigenous Presence and Central American-American Writers in the United States (Arturo Arias) US Central Americans in Art and Visual Culture (Kency Cornejo) The Presence of Coloniality in Central American-American Fictions (Oriel Maria Siu) Latinx: The Queering/Non-binariness of Latina/o Racialized sexuality (Jillian Hernandez) Queerness in Latina/o/x Literature (Liliana C. Gonzalez) Munoz, Jose Esteban (Ivan A. Ramos) Heteronormativity and Homonormativity in Queer Chicana/o Cultural Discourse and Politics (Rene Esparza) Hispanic Caribbean Sexiles (Consuelo Martinez-Reyes) Transgender Studies (Frank Galarte) The Discursive and Material Construction of Latina Sexuality (Bernadine Marie Hernandez) Latina and Chicana Butch/Femme in Literature and Culture (Stacy I. Macias) Latina Lesbian Literature (Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz) Butchlalis de Panochtitlan, Wanda Alarcon Latino Gay Literature (Daniel Contreras) Homeboy Masculinity (Jose Navarro) Masculinity and Machismo in US Latinx Literature (Ricardo L. Ortiz) Rechy, John (Ricardo L. Ortiz) Lourdes Casal's Interdisciplinary Writing (Laura Lomas) Rodriguez, Richard (Juan Velasco) Alfaro, Luis (Paul Allatson) Decolonial Imaginings: The Work of Emma Perez (Ellie D. Hernandez) Cuadros, Gil (Rafael Perez-Torres) Text and Context: Diverse Perspectives Oral Culture: Literacy, Religion, Performance (Cara Anne Kinnally) Afro Latina/os, (Carlos Ulises Decena) Interlingual Literature, Tropicalization, and Bilanguaging (Shawn Gonzalez) Spanish Language in Chicana/o Literature (Jesus Rosales) US Latina/os and the White Imagination (Lee Bebout) Contemporary Latina/o Literature in the Midwest (Theresa Delgadillo, Leila Vieira) Cisneros, Sandra (Olga L. Herrera) From Nationalist Movements to Transnational Solidarities: Comparative and Pan-Latina/o Literary Studies (Marta Caminero-Santangelo) Latin American-American Literature (Rose Phillips) Latina/os in Media: Representation, Production, and Consumption (Manuel G. Aviles-Santiago) Labor Movements and Chicana/o Literature (Marcial Gonzalez) Latina Feminist Literature (Alicia Arrizon) Transnational Capitalism in Latina/o Literature (Rosaura Sanchez, Beatrice Pita) Literary Representations of Migration (Marisel Moreno) The Pasts and Futures of Latina/o Indigeneities (Simon Ventura Trujillo) Banning of Ethnic Studies in the US, Norma Cantu Latina/o Writing in the Future: Emergent Genres Latina/o Environmental Justice Literature (Kamala Platt) Latina/o Literature and War: Gendered Combat Zones (Ariana E. Vigil) Warfare and Latina/o Social Movements (Belinda Linn Rincon) Latinofuturism (Cathryn Merla-Watson) Latinx Communities, the Criminal Justice System, and Literature, Jose Morin Chicana/o Gang Narratives (Jose Navarro) Latina/o Popular Culture and Conflict: Comics, Graphic Novels, and Film (Frederick Luis Aldama) Jimmy Santiago Baco and Latina/o Prisoner Literature: A Quest for Language, Land, and Reconciliation (Clint J. Terrell) Morrissey as Latina/o Literary and Cultural Icon (Melissa M. Hidalgo) Raul Salinas and the Poetics of Social Justice and Liberation (Louis G. Mendoza) The Literary and Activist Works of Luis J. Rodriguez (Josephine Metcalf) Daniel Cano in Life and Text (Jayson Gonzales Sae-Saue)