Origins of Dislike

Origins of Dislike

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Introduction The Origins of Dislike The Piazza and the Car Park Poetry as Polemic Deprofessionalisation and Legitimacy The Other Green On the Gita: Krishna as Poetic Language The Alien Face of Cosmopolitanism: An Indian Reading of Cynthia Ozick on the Woolfs Qatrina and the Books: Nadeem Aslam and others Ray and Ghatak and Other Filmmaking Pairs: The structure of Asian modernity The Photographer as Onlooker The Sideways Movement Unconstitutional Spaces Un-machinelike Nissim Ezekiel: Poet of a Minor Literature The Emergence of the Everyday: Kipling, Tagore and Indian Regional Writing Possible, not Alternative, Histories Starting From Scratch: Buddhadeva Bose and the English Language On the Paragraph 'I am Ramu'
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