Original Age of Anxiety

Original Age of Anxiety

Essays on Kierkegaard and His Contemporaries







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Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1 Introduction The Dizziness of Freedom 1 There is Nothing to Be Afraid of 2 The Ascendance of Anxiety 3 The Golden Age 4 Departures 5 The Annihilation of Eternity 2 The Political Turn of the Public Sphere 1 Young Denmark? 2 The Critique of Aestheticization 2.1 The State of Art 3 Politics versus Aesthetics 4 The Politicization of the Press 5 The Directions and Distractions of the Age 6 The Resurgence of Poetry 7 A New Waker 8 An Artist among Rebels? 3 The Poetics of Paralysis The Pregnant Moment of Soren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling 1 The Limits of Painting and Poetry 2 The Pregnant Moment of Medea 3 Romeo and Juliet and the End of Narrative Desire 4 Going Further or Remaining Standing 5 Abraham's Tableau and the State of Indecision 6 Ethics and the Question of What Could Have Happened 7 Fear and Pity and Trembling 4 Paratextualism in Kierkegaard 's Prefaces and Contemporary Literary Culture 1 Hegelian Reflections 2 Promises and Performances 3 Paratextualism 4 Simulated Motions 5 The Immortality of the Soul and the Death (and Resurrection) of Art in the Concluding Unscientific Postscript 1 The Immortality of the Soul and the Death of Art 2 Art as an Anticipation of the Afterlife 3 The Most Pathos-filled Issue of All 6 The Emancipation of Images The Optical Unconscious of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Shadow" 1 The Scholar and the Shadow 2 Perversions 3 The Semiotics of the Shadow 4 Phantasmagoria 5 The Emancipation of Images 6 The Semantics of Image and Self 7 Epilogue The Modernity of the Late Golden Age Bibliography Index
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Anxiety; Danish Golden Age; Death of Art; Existentialism; Hans Christian Andersen; Interart Studies; Media Studies; Modernity; Søren Kierkegaard