Non-Hierarchical Way from Yijing to Jeongyeok

Non-Hierarchical Way from Yijing to Jeongyeok

A New Paradigm for East Meeting West

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List of Figures List of Tables Introduction Chapter One: The Historical Background and Structure of the Yijing Chapter Two: Change and Creativity in the Cosmology of the Yijing Chapter Three: The Problem of Paradox and Creativity in the Language of the Yijing Chapter Four: Jung's Archetypal Psychology and Yijing on the Theory of Synchronicity Chapter Five: Shao Yong's Yijing Diagrams and Cantor's Diagonal Theorem Chapter Six: The Topological Paradigm of the Yijing and the Jeongyeok as a Correction Chapter Seven: The Core Principle of the Jeongyeok Chapter Eight: Rene Girard's Mimetic Desire and the Problem of Directionality Chapter Nine: The Divine Personality-Impersonality and Interreligious Relations Chapter Ten: From Yijing to Jeongyeok and East-West Dialogue Selected Bibliography Index About the Author
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Comparative Philosophy; Comparative Theology; East Asian Philosophy; East Asian Religions; Yijing (I Ching)