Network Society

Network Society

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Chapter 1. Introduction A New Infrastructure of Society A Second Communication Revolution Characteristics of the Digital Media Communication Capacities of Digital Media The Nature and Design of this Book Chapter 2. Networks: the Nervous System of Society What is a Network Society? A Short History of the Human Web Networks at All Levels Causes of the Rise of Networks The Seven 'Laws' of the Web From Mass Society to Network Society Chapter 3. Technology The Relationship Between Technology and Society Technical Foundations of the Network Society Current Technical Trends Chapter 4. Economy The First, Second and Third Communications Revolution Markets, Hierarchies and Networks Main Characteristics of a Network and Data Economy The Network Producers: From Infrastructure to Service Providers The Rise of a Platform Economy Consumers: the Pushers and the Pulled Chapter 5. Social Structure Space and Time in the Network Society The Blurring Spheres of Living Social Networks and Social Media Unity and Fragmentation: A New Social Cohesion The Instability of the Network Society Networks and Social (In)equality The Digital Divide Chapter 6. Power and Politics What is Network Power? Technological Power Societal Power: Politics and Democracy Internet: Between Freedom and Control Power in the Organization Privacy and Personal Autonomy Chapter 7. Culture What is Digital Culture? Characteristics of Digital Culture The Quantity and Quality of Digital Media Content Digital Youth Culture Trends in Digital Media Use Chapter 8. Psychology Perception and the Digital Media Cognition and the Digital Media Learning with the Digital Media The Social Psychology of Digital Media Communication Changes in Human Personality? Chapter 9. Law The Law Undermined by Networks Who Rules the Internet? Information and Communication Freedom Intellectual Property Rights The Right to Privacy Platform Regulation Chapter 10. Conclusions and Policy Perspectives General Conclusions The Network Society in North America, Europe, East Asia and the Third World Policy Perspectives for the Network Society
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