Net and the Nation State

Net and the Nation State

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Internet Governance

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction. Internet governance and the resilience of the nation state Uta Kohl and Carrie Fox; Part I. Competing Narratives: 2. The universal norm of freedom of expression - towards an unfragmented internet: interview with Guy Berger; 3. Which limits on freedom of expression are legitimate? Divergence of free speech values in Europe and the US Jan Oster; 4. Nation branding and internet governance: framing debates over freedom and sovereignty Melissa Aronczyk and Stanislav Budnitsky; Part II. Solid and Porous Cyberborders: 5. Gatekeeping practices in the Chinese social media and the legitimacy challenge Lulu Wei; 6. Protecting gamblers or protecting gambling? The economic dimension of borderless online 'speech' Christine Hurt; 7. Where East meets West: censorship and cyberborders through EU data protection law Uta Kohl and Diane Rowland; 8. Cyberborders through 'code': an all or nothing affair? Dan Jerker B. Svantesson; 9. Cyberborders and the right to travel in cyberspace Graham Smith; Part III. Unpacking Internet Jurisdiction: 10. Alternative geographies of cyberspace Barney Warf; 11. Polycentrism and democracy in internet governance Jan Aart Scholte; 12. The end of territory? The re-emergence of community as a principle of jurisdictional order in the internet era Cedric Ryngaert and Mark Zoetekouw; 13. A space (partially) apart? Religious asylum and its lessons for online governance Philippe Segur; 14. Geoinformation, cartographic (re)presentation and the nation state: a co-constitutive relation and its transformation in the digital age Georg Glasze.
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