Negotiation Handbook

Negotiation Handbook

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List of figures; List of templates; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Phase 1: Preparation; Negotiation Strategy; Negotiation Team; Negotiation Agenda; Negotiation SWOT Analysis; Phase 2: Relationship Building; Building Rapport; Body Language; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Eye Accessing; Phase 3: Information Gathering; Questioning Techniques; BATNA; ZOPA; Negotiation Goals & Targets; Phase 4: Information Using; Tradeables and Straw Issues; First Offer; Negotiation Power; Personalities; Phase 5: Bidding; Persuasion Methods; Negotiation Tactics; Emotional Intelligence; Influencing; Phase 6: Closing the Deal; Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument; Subliminal Linguistics; Summarising & Ratification; Game Theory; Phase 7: Implementing the Deal; Negotiation Evaluation; Kolb's Experimental Learning Cycle; Cultural Dimensions; Handover and Contract Management; Templates and References; Templates/ Additional Guidance; Bibliography and Suggested Further Reading; Index
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