Narrative Turn in Urban Planning

Narrative Turn in Urban Planning

Plotting the Helsinki Waterfront

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Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: Examining Narratives in the Context of Urban planning Narratives Matter Aims Plotting the Waterfront The Helsinki Waterfront, Jatkasaari and Kalasatama Sources Outline Urban Planning and Narrative: Towards a Theory of Narrative Planning The Narrative Turn in Planning: A Critical Overview Different Kinds of Knowledge Defining Narrative in Planning What Is Not a Story? Narrative for, in and of Planning A Threefold Taxonomy Narratives for Planning Narrative Mapping Mapping the Helsinki Waterfront: A Concise Literary Case Study Narratives in Planning: The Brief Story of the Helsinki Waterfront Planning Maritime Helsinki Narratives of Planning: Telling the Future of the Waterfront Conclusion Emplotting Urban Regeneration: Narrative Strategies in Kalasatama Emplotment as Spatial and Narrative Practice Situating Kalasatama within a Plot Metaphors of Kalasatama: "In the Armpit of the City" Diverging Narratives: Urban Centre or Shopping Mall? "How we live in 2033" A Meshwork of Contradictory Storylines Conclusion Genre and Metaphor in Planning Jatkasaari Dominant Narratives in Planning in Jatkasaari Simple Story, Complex Story, and Micro-Narrative Narratives for Planning in Jatkasaari Jatkasaari's Identity Marker: The Hotel Controversy Centre or Periphery? Narratives of Planning in Jatkasaari A Bildungsroman for a Waterfront Development Planning as Bildungsroman "Man's Island" or "Women's City"? Lost Opportunities for Planning with Narrative Park "Good Hope" Sustainable Jatkasaari Narratives and the Building Block Planning with Diversity? Conclusion Planning with Narrative Narrative Mapping and PPGIS Planning with Polyphony Planning without Closure Planning for Narrative Space Teaching Planning with narrative Conclusion Sources Glossary Index
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