Missile Crisis from a Cuban Perspective

Missile Crisis from a Cuban Perspective

Historical, Archaeological and Anthropological Reflections


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Part I: The 1962 Missile Crisis: Historical Reflections 1. The Threat of a Direct U.S. Invasion of Cuba 2. Deployment of Soviet Troops in Cuba 3. The Secrecy of the Operation 4. Spy Flights and the Cuban Reply 5. Facing Foe Flights 6. Fidel Castro's Reflections on the Missile Crisis Part II: The 1962 Missile Crisis: Archaeological and Anthropological Reflections 7. Neglected Dimensions and Their Revealing 8. The Material Remains and Its Reuse 9. Memories and Narrations 10. The Use of the Former Missile Bases as Cultural Heritage Part III: Conclusion. Conclusion. Appendix: Chronology
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