Matrilineal Heritage of Louisa May Alcott and Christina Rossetti

Matrilineal Heritage of Louisa May Alcott and Christina Rossetti

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Introduction Chapter 1 - "I am even I" Rossetti and Alcott Resisting Male Authority Section I - "Left-handed Societies" Women's Life Writing Chapter 2 - "Renunciation is the law, devotion to God's will the gospel" The empowerment of others in the Alcott women's life-writing Chapter 3 - "For every human creature may claim to strength" The Rossetti women's elevation of the left hand Section II - "A Loving League of Sisters" Alcott and Rossetti's promotion of Christian values through the ties of sisterhood Chapter 4 - We are all relative creatures The transformative power of sisterhood in Rossetti's Maude Chapter 5 - "Happy Women" Alcott's sisterly utopia Conclusion Coda - Nineteenth-century women's matrilineal theologies of renunciation List of Works Cited Appendix 1 - "Rolf Walden Emmerboy" Transcription Appendix 2 - "Two Scenes in a Family" Transcription Appendix 3 - "Wealth" Transcription Appendix 4 - "Our Madonna" Transcription Appendix 5 - "Story of An Apple" Transcription Appendix 6 - "Hymn For Ascension Day" Transcription Appendix 7 - "Extracts From Bradley's Sermons" Transcription Appendix 8 - "A Morning Hymn" Transcription Appendix 9 - "The Maid of Sorrow" Transcription