Lost Ethnographies

Lost Ethnographies

Methodological Insights From Projects That Never Were


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List of Contributors 1. Periwigs in Prague: The Opera Project We Never Did; Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson 2. A sociological case of stand-up comedy: Censorship, offensiveness and opportunism; David Calvey 3. The edges and the end: On stopping an ethnographic project, on losing the way; Katie Fitzpatrick 4. Losing the Students in a School Ethnography: Anthropology and the Puzzle of Holism; Martin Forsey 5. Flat Claps and Dengue Fever: A Story of Ethnographies Lost and Found in India; Sally Campbell Galman 6. Losing Bigfoot; Jamie Lewis and Andrew Bartlett 7. What happens when you take your eye off the ball? Reflecting on a 'Lost Study' of Boys' Football, uneven playing fields and the Longitudinal promise of 'Esprit de Corps'; Dawn Mannay 8. Finding The Lost Thing Under The Binds of a Neglected Thesis Cover; Janean Robinson 9. Researching underwater: a submerged study; Susie Scott 10. Remarks from a lost engagement with the engaging ordinariness of parkour; Robin James Smith 11. Exorcising an ethnography in limbo; Katy Vigurs
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