Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899-2016

Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899-2016

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Introduction: Casement's Queer Ghost I. 'He could tell you things! Things I've tried to forget, things I never did know': Conrad, Sebald and Spectres of Imperialism II. The Black Diaries: Sex, Race and Empire in The Swimming-Pool Library and The Lost World III. Queer Nationalism and Colonial Ireland: Ulysses and At Swim Two Boys IV. Saint Casement: The 'National Political Trial', Partition and the Dramatic Troubles of Sir Roger V. The Traitor and the Hero: War, Betrayal and Espionage VI. 'The Ghost of Roger Casement': Poetic Afterlives
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Ireland;modernism;sexuality;queer studies;literary influence