Life and Reign of Edward the Fourth (Vol 2)

Life and Reign of Edward the Fourth (Vol 2)

King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland

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Book 4: England and France 1. Readjustments 2. A Treaty with the Duke of Brittany and a Visit from the Seigneur de la Gruthuyse 3. A Settlement with the Hanseatic League 4. Bargains with Burgundy and Scotland 5. The Expedition to France Book 5: Louis XI's Pensioner 1. A Quiet Year 2. Clarence and Mary of Burgundy 3. The End of Clarence 4. The Bishop of Elne 5. Louis Delays 6. A Visit from the Duchess Margaret 7. War with Scotland 8. Gloucester Invades Scotland 9. The Treaty of Arras and the Death of Edward Book 6: Miscellanea 1. Edward's Relations with his Council, with Parliament, and with the Church 2. The Merchant King and Some of His Fellow Merchants 3. Edward as a Builder and as a Patron of Letters
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