Language of Argumentation

Language of Argumentation

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Introduction.- Part I Reflections on argumentation and language.- Chapter 1. Characterizing the argumentative style used in defending a standpoint (F. H. van Eemeren).- Chapter 2. Analyzing rhetorical style: toward better methods (J. Fahnestock).- Chapter 3. Argumentative Language and the evolution of human communication (A. Verhagen).- Chapter 4. Ordinary and technical terminology in relation to argument (J. Anthony Blair).- Part II The semantics-pragmatics distinction.- Chapter 5. 'Those are your words, not mine!' Strategic maneuvers with implicatures (R. Boogaart, H. Jansen & M. van Leeuwen).- Chapter 6. No, it is not just semantics! The importance of linguistic arguments and the Rule of Law (E. Feteris, H. Kloosterhuis & J. Plug).- Part III Discourse relations.- Chapter 7. At the interface between discourse structure and argumentation structure: diagramming attacks to argument's plausibility and to argument's relevance (A. Rocci).- Chapter 8. How face threatening are disagreement moves? An integration of pragma-dialectical insights and politeness considerations (A. Tseronis).- Part IV Framing.- Chapter 9. Greatest or growing proportion? Inferences due to attribute framing (B. Holleman & H. Pander Maat).- Chapter 10. Old is the new new: the rhetoric of anchoring innovation (I. Sluiter).- Chapter 11. Strategic use of metaphors in argumentation (R. Pilgram & L. van Poppel).- Chapter 12. Reconstructing figurative analogy (B.J. Garssen).- Part V Constructions.- Chapter 13. The function of Russian vazno podcerknut' - 'it's important to emphasize' - in discourse and argumentation (E. Fortuin).- Chapter 14. Strategic maneuvering with the expression 'not for nothing' (H. Jansen & F. Snoeck Henkemans).- Chapter 15. Everybody knows that there is something strange about ad populum arguments (S. Oswald & T. Herman).
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