Impact of Diasporas

Impact of Diasporas

Markers of identity


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Introduction - The impact of diasporas: markers of identity Joanna Story and Iain Walker 1. In the blood: the myth and reality of genetic markers of identity Mark A. Jobling, Rita Rasteiro and Jon H. Wetton 2. Becoming a Viking: DNA testing, genetic ancestry and placeholder identity Marc Scully, Steven D. Brown and Turi King 3. Ancient objects with modern meanings: museums, volunteers, and the Anglo-Saxon 'Staffordshire Hoard' as a marker of twenty-first century regional identity Morn Capper and Marc Scully 4. One of us? Negotiating multiple legal identities across the Viking diaspora Pragya Vohra 5. Shifting markers of identity in East London's diasporic religious spaces Nazneen Ahmed, Jane Garnett, Ben Gidley, Alana Harris and Michael Keith 6. Markers of identity in Martinique: being French, black, Creole Olivia Sheringham 7. Everyday statelessness in Italy: status, rights, and camps Nando Sigona 8. Tracing diasporic identifications in Africa's urban landscapes: evidence from Lusaka and Kampala Oliver Bakewell and Naluwembe Binaisa 9. On the threshold of statelessness: Palestinian narratives of loss and erasure Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh
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