Human Face of the European Union

Human Face of the European Union

Are EU Law and Policy Humane Enough?


Cambridge University Press






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1. The human face of the European Union: are EU law and policy humane enough? An introduction Nuno Ferreira; Part I. Incorporating Humaneness into the European Integration Project: 2. A constitution of social governance for the European Union Dagmar Schiek; 3. Safeguarding 'critical social functions' post the Global Financial Crisis Dalvinder Singh; 4. Lisbon, via Stockholm, Strasbourg and Opinion 2/13: prospects for citizen-centred protection of fundamental rights? Noreen O'Meara; 5. Fundamental rights and humaneness in European private law: the case of health care Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi and Adam McCann; Part II. The Individual: At the Centre and in the Periphery: 6. Changes and challenges go hand in hand - accessibility of the preliminary ruling procedure before an overloaded Court within the area of freedom, security and justice post-Lisbon Agata B. Capik; 7. Union citizenship: placing limitations on a human-centred approach? Stephanie Reynolds; 8. EU citizens' whimsical status: persons or actors on their way to full agency? Paivi Neuvonen; 9. The Roma and European Union citizenship: in search of a humane answer from the EU Nuno Ferreira and Dora Kostakopoulou; 10. The humaneness of EU asylum law and policy Dallal Stevens; 11. Stateless in Europe: the unbearable lightness of being an unperson in the EU Julia Bradshaw; Part III. Ensuring Security, Exporting Values and Leading the Way... Humanely?: 12. 'Human face' or no face? The EU's approach to international security Kamil Zwolski, Stephen Rozee and Christian Kaunert; 13. The development of new crisis management tools and their impact on human rights Julia Schmidt; 14. Human rights conditionality in the EU GSP scheme: 'a focus on those in need or a need to refocus?' Samantha Velluti; 15. Politics, power and good intentions in the EU development policy Paivi Leino; 16. Towards a humanistic philosophy of the European Union Dora Kostakopoulou; Conclusion.
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