History of the Book in the West: 1455-1700

History of the Book in the West: 1455-1700

Volume II

Gadd, Ian

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Contents: Introduction; Part I Typography: Temporary matrices and elemental punches in Gutenberg's DK type, Blaise AgA1/4era y Arcas; The Aldine italic, Nicolas Barker. Part II The Impact of Print: Some conjectures about the impact of printing on Western society and thought: a preliminary report, Elizabeth L. Eisenstein; The importance of being printed, Anthony T. Grafton; The Roman Inquisition and the Venetian press 1540-1605, Paul F. Grendler; Printing at the dawn of the sixteenth century, Jean-FranAois Gilmont; The Reformation and the book: a reconsideration, Andrew Pettegree and Matthew Hall; Orality lost: text and voice in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Roger Chartier. Part III Practice: A trade union in sixteenth-century France, Natalie Zemon Davis; Inquisitional trials and printing-workers in sixteenth-century Spain, Clive Griffin; Printers of the mind: some notes on bibliographical theories and printing-house practices, D.F. McKenzie. Part IV Selling: 'Omnium totius orbis emporiorum compendium': the Frankfurt book fair in the early modern period, John L. Flood; The market for scholarly books and conceptions of genre in Northern Europe, 1570-1630, Ian Maclean; Bibliographical note: the survival and loss rates of Psalms, ABCs, Psalters and Primers from the Stationers' stock 1660-1700, John Barnard. Part V Reading: The impact of the early printed page on the history of reading, Paul Saenger; 'Studied for action': how Gabriel Harvey read his Livy, Lisa Jardine and Anthony Grafton; Books as totems in seventeenth-century England and New England, David Cressy; Name Index.
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