History of Educational Measurement

History of Educational Measurement

Key Advancements in Theory, Policy, and Practice

Clauser, Brian E.; Bunch, Michael B.

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Contents Part 1 Testing Movements Chapter 1: Early Efforts Luz Bay and Terry Ackerman Chapter 2: Development and Evolution of the SAT and ACT Michelle Croft and Jonathan J. Beard Chapter 3 The History of Norm- and Criterion-Referenced Testing Kurt F. Geisinger Chapter 4 The Role of the Federal Government in Shaping Educational Testing Policy and Practice Michael B. Bunch Chapter 5 Historical Milestones in the Assessment of English Learners Jamal Abedi and Cecilia Sanchez Chapter 6 Evolving Notions of Fairness in Testing in the United States Stephen G. Sireci and Jennifer Randall Chapter 7 A Century of Testing Controversies Rebecca Zwick Part II Measurement Theory and Practice Chapter 8 A History of Classical Test Theory Brian E. Clauser Chapter 9 The Evolution of the Concept of Validity Michael Kane and Brent Bridgeman Chapter 10 Generalizability Theory Robert L. Brennan Chapter 11 Item Response Theory: A Historicaal Perspective and Brief Introduction to Applications Richard M. Luecht and Ronald K. Hambleton Chapter 12 A History of Scaling and its Relationship to Measurement Derek C. Briggs Chapter 13 A History of Bayesian Inference in Educational Measurement Roy Levy and Robert J. Mislevy Chapter 13 History of Test Equating Methods and Practices Through 1985 Michael J. Kolen Chapter 14 A History of Rasch Measurement Theory George Engelhard, Jr. and Stefanie A. Wind
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