History of Africa

History of Africa

The Quest for Eternal Harmony

Asante, Molefi Kete

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Introduction PART I - The Time of Awakening Africa and the Origin of Humanity PART II - The Age of Literacy Africa and the Beginning of Civilization The Rise of Kemet/Egypt The Elements of Early African Civilization Governance and the Political Stability of Kemet PART III - The Moment of Realization The Emergence of the Great River Kingdoms PART IV - The Age of Construction The Spread of Classical Empires and Kingdoms The Sudanic Empires: Historians and Their Narratives Generators of Traditional and Contemporary Africa Societies of Secrets and Institutions PART V - The Time of Chaos Arab and European Missionaries, Merchants, and Mercenaries Resisting European and Arab Slave Traders PART VI The Age of Reconstruction Africa Regains Consciousness in a Pan-African Explosion PART VII - The Time for Consolidation Africa Consolidates Independence Toward a United States of Africa without Compromise: Creation of the African Union Appendix 1: Chronology of Africa Appendix 2: Resolution on the Situation in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile State Appendix 3: Some African Ethnic Groups Appendix 4: Major Linguistic Complexes Appendix 5: Largest Countries by Population Bibliography Index
AFRICOM; African Union; Arab Spring; Congo; FrancAfrique; Laurent Gbagbo; Zimbabwe