Heritage Machine

Heritage Machine

Fetishism and Domination in Maragateria, Spain

Pluto Press






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Introduction 1. The Emergence of Heritage: a Machine of Domination and Fetishist Relationality 2. Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism in Spain: the Construction of the Maragato Difference 3. From Difference to Otheness: the Construction of the Rural Peasant as a Subaltern in Maragateria 4. Between Social Immanence and Heritage Abstraction: the Pre-Heritage Relationality of Juntas Vecinales and tamboriteros 5. From Real to Metacultural Struggles: the Teleno Military Shooting Range and the Social Construction of Heritage 6. Critique of Heritage Epistemology: the Social Construction of Heritage and Pseudoarchaeology 7. The Return to the Rural in Prada de la Sierra: from Productive Inheritance to Abstract Heritage 8. The Heritage Machine: from Communal Production to the Appropriation of the Commons in Val de San Lorenzo 9. The Spectacle of the Other and the Negation of Heritage
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