Handbook of Fashion Studies

Handbook of Fashion Studies

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Editorial Introduction: Sandy Black, Amy de la Haye, Agnes Rocamora, Regina Root, and Helen Thomas I. Fashion/Dress and Time, edited by Helen Thomas Introduction: Helen Thomas 1: Fashion and Dress History: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches, Lou Taylor 2: Dress, Time and Space: Expanding the Field through Exhibition Making, Greer Crawley and Donatella Barbieri 3: New Fashion Times: Fashion and Digital Media, Agnes Rocamora 4: Age Ordering in Dress: Fashion, the Body and Age, Julia Twigg II. Fashion, Identity and Difference, edited by Joanne Entwistle Introduction: Joanne Entwistle 5: Eighteenth century and fashion/dress, Jennifer M. Jones 6: Queer Identity, Vicki Karaminas 7: On Class and Identity, Katie Appleford III. Spaces of Fashion, edited by Agnes Rocamora Introduction: Agnes Rocamora 8: Border Crossings: Fashion in Film/Fashion and Film, Paul Jobling 9: Behind the Scenes: The Hidden Spaces of Fashion Production, Regina Lee Blaszczyk 10: Fashion: More than cloth and form, Jose Teunissen 11: Markets as fashion spaces, Patrik Aspers IV. Fashion and Materiality, edited by Amy de la Haye Introduction: Amy de la Haye 12: Unpicking the Threads: Technology and investigative methodologies, Philip A. Sykas 13: The Look: Looking at objects as subjects, Alexandra Palmer 14: Anthropology and Materiality, Sarah Fee 15: Immateriality, Robyn Healy V. Fashion, Agency and Policy, edited by Regina A. Root Introduction: Regina A. Root 16: Fashion, Tourism and Global Culture, Jennifer Craik 17: Artisan Enterprise, Cultural Property and the Global Market, Mary Littrell and Judy Frater 18: Mapping Latin American Fashion, Regina A. Root 19: Secondhand Clothing and Africa: Global Fashion Influences, Local Dress Agency and Policy Issues, Karen Tranberg Hansen VI. Science, Technology and New Fashion, edited by Sandy Black Introduction: Sandy Black 20: Technology and Future Fashion: body technology for a brave new world, Bradley Quinn 21: XS Labs: electronic textiles and reactive garments as socio-cultural interventions, Joanna Berzowska 22: From Science to Fiction to Fashion: the development of advanced textiles for fashion in science, literature and film, Marie O'Mahony 23: Fashion and science intersections: collaborations across disciplines, Philip Sams and Sandy Black VII. Sustainable Fashion in a Globalised World, edited by Sandy Black and Regina A. Root Introduction: Sandy Black and Regina A. Root 24: Towards an integrated human rights-based approach to corporate responsibility in the global apparel industry, Marsha Dickson 25: Fast fashion and sustainability, Margaret Maynard 26: Design for sustainability in fashion and textiles, Kate Fletcher 27: The design of a new prosperity, Simonetta Carbonaro and David Goldsmith Resource Bibliography Subject and Name Index
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