Handbook of EEA Law

Handbook of EEA Law

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Part I History and main features of the EEA Agreement: The History of the EEA Agreement and the First Twenty Years of Its Existence by Sven Norberg and Martin Johansson.- Part II Genesis of EEA Law: Decision-Making Procedure and Implementation of New Law by Georges Baur.- Suspension of Parts of the EEA Agreement: Disputes about Incorporation, Consequences of Failure to Reach an Agreement and Safeguard Measures by Georges Baur.- The Notion of 'Opting Out' by Knut Almestad.- EEA Main Agreement and Secondary EU Law Incorporated into the Annexes and Protocols by Halvard Haukeland Fredrisksen .- Part III Institutions and Procedure: The EFTA Surveillance Authority by Frank Buchel and Xavier Lewis.- The EFTA Court: Structure and Tasks by Carl Baudenbacher.- The Relationship between the EFTA Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union by Carl Baudenbacher.- Dispute Resolution Under the EEA Agreement by Christa Tobler.- Part IV National Authorities in the EFTA Pillar: Attorney General of Norway by Pal Wenneras.- Attorney General of Iceland by Einer Karl Hallvardsson.- Liechtenstein EEA Coordination Unit by Andrea Entner-Koch and Thomas Bischof.- Part V National Courts in the EFTA Pillar: Norwegian Courts by Thomas Christian Poulsen.- Icelandic Courts by Skuli Magnusson.- Liechtenstein Courts by Wilhelm Ungerank.- Part VI The Practicing Bar in the EFTA Pillar: Norwegian Bar by Thomas Nordby.- Icelandic Bar by Stefan Geir Thorisson.- Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers by Mario Frick.- Part VII General Principles and Prohibition: General Principles by Pall Hreinsson.- General Prohibition of Discrimination on Grounds of Nationality by Halvard Haukeland Fredrisksen.- Part VIII The Fundamental Freedoms: Free Movement of Goods by Peter-Christian Muller-Graff.- Right of Establishment and Free Movement of Services by Philipp Speitler.- Free Movement of Persons by Kjartan Bjarni Bjoergvinsson.- Free Movement of Capital by Per Christiansen.- Part IX Competition Law and Related Matters: Competition Law - The Brussels Perspective by John Temple Lang.- Competition Law - A National Perspective by Siri Teigum.- State Aid by Michael Sanchez Rydelski.- Public Procurement by Magnus Schmauch.- The Principles of Transparency and Openness, and Access to Documents by Romina Polley and Michael-James Clifton.- Part X Further Areas of Economic Law: Financial Services Law by Johannes Gasser and Francesco Schurr.- Gambling Law by Simon Planzer.- Intellectual Property Law by Ole-Andreas Rognstad.- Tax Law by Richard Lyal.- Mutual Administrative and Legal Assistance by Andreas Batliner and Heinz Konzett.- Part XI Law of Natural and Economic Resources: Natural Resources by Knut Almestad.- Energy Law by Dirk Buschle and Birgitte Jourdan-Andersen.- Part XII Social Protection and Public Health: Social Policy Law by Catherine Barnard.- The Precautionary Principle by Alberto Alemanno.
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