Future of Interfaith Dialogue

Future of Interfaith Dialogue

Muslim-Christian Encounters through A Common Word


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The Inception of A Common Word: 1. The inception of a common word Tim Winter; 2. From intra-religious to interreligious dialogue: the Amman message as a precursor and companion to the a common word initiative Jonathan Kearney; 3. A common word leading to uncommon dialogue Michael Louis Fitzgerald; Part II. Responses to A Common Word: 4. A common word for the common good Rowan Williams; 5. The world in which we respond to God's word Ingrid Mattson; 6. Love of neighbour in the face of religious trauma Reuven Firestone; 7. An overview of Christian responses to a common word Sarah Snyder; 8. Seeking humility and self-critique: a Christological analysis of a common word Peter Admirand; Part III. The Scriptures and A Common Word (A Critical Reading of the Use of Scriptures in the ACW Document): 9. The protocol of interfaith dialogue: Qur'anic imperatives in a globalizing world Asma Afsaruddin; 10. Our next word in common: Mea Culpa? Daniel A. Madigan; 11. A common word or a word of justice? Two Qur'anic approaches to Christian-Muslim dialogue Pim Valkenberg; 12. The use of Christian scripture in a common word Clare Amos; Part IV. Reception of A Common Word: 13. A common word as potentially reflected in different languages Rusmir Mahmutcehajic; 14. 'Love thy neighbour': a moral imperative? Mustafa Abu Sway; 15. 'An unknown word': reflections on the reception of a common word in Germany Matthias Boehm; 16. Taking inspiration from a common word for a musical dialogue Amir Dastmalchian; Part V. A Common Word and the Future: 17. A common word as contextual theology Marianne Farina; 18. A common word and Abu Hamid al-Ghazali's love of God Yazid Said; 19. Epilogue Yazid Said.
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