Fluid Dynamics of Cell Motility

Fluid Dynamics of Cell Motility

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Fundamentals: 1. Biological background; 2. The fluid dynamics of microscopic locomotion; 3. The waving sheet model; 4. The squirmer model; Part II. Cellular locomotion: 5. Flagella and the physics of viscous propulsion; 6. Hydrodynamics of slender filaments; 7. Waving of eukaryotic flagella; 8. Rotation of bacterial flagellar filaments; 9. Flows and stresses induced by cells; Part III. Interactions: 10. Swimming cells in flows; 11. Self-propulsion and surfaces; 12. Hydrodynamic synchronisation; 13. Diffusion and noisy swimming; 14. Hydrodynamics of collective locomotion; 15. Locomotion and transport in complex fluids; References; Index.
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