Fascination with Unknown Time

Fascination with Unknown Time

Oschema, Klaus; Baumbach, Sibylle; Henningsen, Lena

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. Time in the Making: Why All the Fuss about Time? On Time, the Unknown, and Fascination (Sibylle Baumbach, Lena Henningsen, and Klaus Oschema) I. Past Futures 2. The Old Made New: Medieval Repurposing of Prophecies (Anke Holdenried) 3. 'Wunschzeit' Jerusalem: Rethinking the Distinction between Time and Space in Medieval Utopias (Christian Hoffarth) 4. Living on the Edge of Time: Temporal Patterns and Irregularities in Byzantine Historical Apocalypses (Andras Kraft) 5. Unknown or Uncertain? Astrologers, the Church, and the Future in the Late Middle Ages (Klaus Oschema) 6. "From the Unknown to the Known and Backwards": Representing and Presenting Remote Time in Nineteenth-Century Palaeontology (Marco Tamborini) II. Unknown Presents 7. Introducing Time to Ethnographic Displays: Narrative Strategies of Revealing the Unknown in German Ethnological Museums (Katja Wehde) 8. "God's Time Is the Best": The Fascination with Unknown Time in Urban Transport in Lagos (Daniel E. Agbiboa) 9. Perpetual Wanderers-Timeless Heroes: Gypsies in European Musical Culture (Anna G. Piotrowska) 10. The Present: An 'Unknown Time' in the German Kaiserreich around 1900 (Caroline Rothauge) III. Future Pasts 11. The Time-Image and the Unknown in Wong Kar-wai's Film Art (Dorothee Xiaolong Hou and Sheldon H. Lu) 12. Suspense in the Cinema: Knowledge and Time (Hauke Lehmann) 13. Futurology, Allegory, Time Travel: What Makes Science Fiction Fascinating (Kai Wiegandt)
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