Excursion and Wordsworth's Iconography

Excursion and Wordsworth's Iconography

Liverpool University Press






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Acknowledgements List of Illustrations List of Abbreviations IntroductionPart 1: Themes and Iconography The Excursion, Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained Wordsworth's IconographyPart 2: Envisioning Introduction Castles in the Air Light and Ascent 'Speculative Height' The Wanderer's RevisitingPart 3: Rooting Introduction Oak, Mountain Ash, the Liberty Tree Two Ironic Images A Cosmopolitan VisionPart 4: Dwelling Introduction The Devon Cottage and the Lakeland Cottage The Cottage of the 'Wedded Pair' The Widower's Cottage The 'Cabinet for Sages Built'Part 5: Flowing and Reflecting Introduction Flowing ReflectingBibliographyIndex
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