European Community and Eastern Europe in the Long 1970s

European Community and Eastern Europe in the Long 1970s

Challenging the Cold War Order in Europe

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Introduction Part I: The Road is now Open 1. A Favourable set of Conditions 2. Tested, Approved, Improved: the Mechanisms for the Coordination of Eastern Policy Part II: The Making of a Collective EC Ostpolitik 3. A Multiplicity of Actors and Agendas 4. Tuning the Orchestra: An Ever more Complex Polity Part III: The EC's role in Cold War Europe: Assertive and Transformative 5. Circumventing the Soviets: The Assertion of the EC's Vision of Europe 6 Untying the Socialist Bloc: Relations with Eastern European Countries 7. Stable in the Storm: Resisting US Calls for a Confrontational Stance
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European Community;Eastern Bloc;Cold War;Helsinki Conference;Ostpolitik;Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe