European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses

European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses

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ForwardBrief history of EBMT/EBMT Nurses groupWhere we are nowWhere we are goingPresident of EBMT Nurses GroupIntroduction. HSCT nursing through the ages/ the evolution of the HSCT nurseArno MankBrief history of HSCT NursingImportance of HSCT nursing Extended practice roles etc. Chapter 1. JACIE & Quality management in HSCT - Implications for NursingChapter 2. HSCT: how does it work?What HSCT nurses need to know Different types of transplantFAQsChapter 3. Donor selectionHLA typingSelecting the right donorWhich transplant for which patient?Chapter 4. Transplant PreparationThe role of the transplant Co-ordinatorInformation and consentRole of risk assessment and comorbidity scores (HCTI/ Karnofsky/ Lansky etc)Fertility preservationWork-up/ physical assessmentVenous access devices- principles of placement and careDisease assessmentThe advocacy role of the HSCT nurseEthical dilemmasPaediatric considerationsChapter 5. Cell source and ApheresisAleksander BabicCell source: where do we get the cells from?Basics of apheresisInformation and consentHaematology in Apheresis/ mobilisation of stem cellsAdverse reactionsVascular accessDonor careQuality issuesPaediatric patients/ donors and apheresisChapter 6. Principles of Conditioning Therapy & Cell infusionChemotherapyRadiotherapyImmunotherapyCell infusion: procedures and nursing carePaediatric considerationsChapter 7. BMT settings, Infections and infection controlReverse Barrier Nursing and protective Isolation Ambulatory Care Respiratory infectiosn and administration of therapyFungal infections and administration of therapyCommon viral complicationsCMVEBV-PTLDMultiply resistant bacteria - reducing the spreadC-DiffHepatitisEmerging infections (HepE)Paediatric considerationsChapter 8. Transplantation through the generationsIntroductionBrief outline of differences between Transplantation in child and the adultSection 1: Transplanting the childPaediatric CommitteeSpecial indicationsNursing considerationsSection 2: Transplanting the Young Adult/ AHA/ AdolescentLisa McMonagleSpecial indicationsNursing considerationsDiscuss the teen as a child vs adultDiscuss development of teen cancer centresSection 3: Transplanting the adultNursing considerationsSection 4: Transplanting the older adultCorien ElhinkNursing considerationsChapter 9. Early and acute complications and the principles of HSCT Nursing CareMucositis and principles or oral careSepsis and principles of careTransfusionVODHaemorrhagic cystitisEndothelial damageChapter 10. Supportive Care of the HSCT recipientArno MankNursing assessment - vital signs and their significance/ importanceEngraftment The role of early warning scoresAssessment tools eg oral assessment, nutritional assessmentPrinciples of nutritional support Skin careOral carePsychological carePhysiotherapy and exerciseTherapeutic interventions eg complementary therapies, music, touch, massageDischarge from inpatient careReadmissions to hospitalPaediatric considerationsChapter 11. Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD)John Murray, Jacqui StringerBrief descriptionAcute vs Chronic and other categoriesAssessment criteriaDifferential diagnosesPrinciples of treatment and careTreatments - old, new, supportive and complementaryPaediatric considerationsChapter 12. Graft versus Tumour effectMRD and what it meansChimerism testing Care of the relapsed patientEarly vs late relapseChapter 13. Graft failure and rejectionPrinciples of careDifferencesTreatment optionsPaediatric considerationsChapter 14. Late effects and long term follow-upMichelle Kenyon, John Murray, Jacqui Stringer, Diana GreenfieldPrinciples of careSurvivorship and quality of lifeInvestigations and surveillance Iron chelationImmunisationsCommon concernsManaging patient expectationPalliative carePaediatric considerationsChapter 15. Improving the patient experience through research and auditAudit Clinical TrialsWhere to get help
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