Endangered Species Act

Endangered Species Act

History, Implementation, Successes, and Controversies

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Roots of Endangered Species Conservation Purpose and Objectives of Book Early Roots of Conservation History of American Conservation and Endangered Species Legislation The Endangered Species Act Agencies Administering the Endangered Species Act International Protection of Endangered Species Some Basic Concepts Ecology Autecology and Synecology Autecology Synecology Species and Taxonomy Subspecies Genetics and Natural Selection The Endangered Species Act: The Statute and the Regulations Overview of the Statute Some Basic Definitions Endangered Threatened Proposed Candidate Critical Habitat Delisting and Downlisting: What the Act Seeks to Achieve Extinct: What the Act Seeks to Avoid The Listing Process (Section 4 of the Act) Criteria for Listing Process for Listing Development of Recovery Criteria and a Recovery Plan Other Key Sections of the Act Section 7: The Government's Planning and Consultation Process Section 9: You Cannot Knowingly Kill or Harm Listed Species Section 10: But You Can Get a Permit to Do So Rare Species Designations Outside the Scope of the Endangered Species Act Related Environmental Statutes and Regulations The National Environmental Policy Act The Clean Water Act The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act The Migratory Bird Treaty Act Others Executive Order 11988 (Floodplain Management) Executive Order 11990 (Protection of Wetlands) Executive Order 13112 National Historic Preservation Act Section 7: The Federal Consultation Process Who Must Comply Basic Information Sources Web Sites Other Data Sources Informal Consultation Targeted Surveys Biological Assessments Definition and Overview of the Biological Assessment Project Description in a Biological Assessment Description of Potentially Affected Species and Habitats Impact Assessment in a Biological Assessment Impact Assessment from Ecological Risk Assessment Perspective Cumulative Impacts in a Biological Assessment Biological Assessment Conclusions Take Permits and Mitigation Incidental Take Permits for Federal Agencies Biological Opinions Reasonable and Prudent Alternatives Incidental Take Statements Incidental Take Permits for Nonfederal Applicants The Permit Application Process Habitat Conservation Plans Mitigation Mitigation under the National Environmental Policy Act Wetland Mitigation Endangered Species Act Mitigation The Future of Mitigation The Endangered Species Act and the States Overview of State Endangered Species Regulation Examples of State Endangered Species Acts Maryland Florida Texas Future of the Endangered Species Act Basic Sources of Support for the Endangered Species Act Basic Sources of Opposition to the Endangered Species Act Private Property Rights Concern over Depressing Economic Activity Specific Recent Controversies Republican Contract with America Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County, Rapanos, and Other Limitations on Section 404 Scope Proposed Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 Polar Bear Listing Bush Administration 2008 "Midnight Rule Changes" The Tea Party Movement and 2010 Pledge to America The Endangered Species Act and the 2012 Presidential Election The Future of the Endangered Species Act Index
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