Edge of Sex

Edge of Sex

Navigating a Sexually Confusing Culture from the Margins


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1. Introduction 2. Inorgasmia, Floodgates and A Magic Wand 3. My Cultural Balancing Act 4. Don't Fear Failure 5. My Menses are Magnanimous 6. It Takes a Village: Discovering My Identity Amidst Cultures of Confusion 7. JCPenney, Ben & Jerry's and My Journey Out 8. Black Girl Lost: Navigating the Intersections of Race, Gender, Religion and Sexuality 9. Lavender Linguistics: Why Words Matter 10. Your Reproductive Health is Not Our Concern: A Lifetime of Medical Gaslighting 11. Quentin and Pearl 12. Pillow Talk 13. Learning to Love: Sexuality, Communication and Heartbreak 14. From "Doing It" to Breaking the Binary: How I Figured Out What the Hell My Gender and Sexuality Are 15. Chapters 16. Earning My Name 17. "How Cute" 18. Brown Sugar Baby 19. Yoga Pants, Growing Pains, and New Beginnings 20. If at first you don't succeed...maybe relationships and sex just aren't your thing 21. Are You a Boy or A Girl? No 22. October 16th, 2011 4:00am. Good Girls Don't Do That: Reclamation After Violence 23. Signed, Your Stereo Atypical Lesbian Poet 24. On Why I Went Upstairs 25. What Does It Mean to Have An Identity? 26. Constructs and other Coutures 27. Down the Rabbit Hole 28. The Contours of Breath 29. Fundamentals 30. On Love Without Limits 31. Snapshots 32. Selfish 33. My Journey to Sex Education 34. Get Out of My Vagina, or How Many Male Doctors Get to See My Vagina? 35. Erotophobia: The Fear of Sex 36. Tease 37. Men Act Cool as Cucumbers but Are Actually Hard as Cucumbers: A Conversation Between Mother and Daughter 38. Down Afton Mountain: A Conversation Between Two Brothers
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