Economics of Information in the Networked Environment

Economics of Information in the Networked Environment


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1. Information Technology and the Transformation of the University David P. Roselle 2. Costs and Benefits of Investments in Technology: How Can Technology Serve the Public Interest? Mario Morino 3. JSTOR and the Economics of Scholarly Communication William G. Bowen 4. The Economics of Information Roger Noll 5. The Economics of the Internet and Academia Hal Varian 6. The Economics of University Investments in Information Resources Michael McPherson 7. Funding Social Science Data Archiving and Services in the Networked Environment Richard C. Rockwell 8. Building the Distributed North American Collection for Foreign Languages Burkart Holzner 9. The Economics of Resource Sharing, Consortia, and Document Delivery Meredith A. Butler 10. The Economics of Access versus Ownership: The Costs and Benefits of Access to Scholarly Articles via Interlibrary Loan and Journal Subscriptions Bruce R. Kingma 11. Can E-Journals Save Us?: A Publisher's View Lorrin R. Garson 12. Can E-Journals Save Us?: A Scholar's View James O'Donnell 13. Economic Considerations for Digital Libraries: A Library of Congress Perspective Hiram L. Davis 14. Cost Centers and Measures in the Networked Information Value-Chain Paul Evan Peters 15. This Little User Went to Market, This Little User Stayed Home: What Users, Potential Users, and Nonusers Can Tell Us Ann P. Bishop 16. Measuring Costs and Benefits of Distance Learning James H. Ryan 17. The Need for Collaboration to Build the Knowledge Infrastructure Richard P. West
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