East India Company, 1600-1857

East India Company, 1600-1857

Essays on Anglo-Indian connection

Gopalan, Mahesh; Pettigrew, William A.

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List of abbreviations Acknowledgement Introduction: The Different East India Companies and the Variety of Cross Cultural Interactions in the Corporate Setting Part I: The Regulatory Worlds of the East India Company 1.The Failure of the Cloth Trade to Surat and the Internationalisation of English Mercantilist Thought, 1614 1621 2. Asian influences on the Commercial Strategies of the English East India Company 3. The East India Company and the shift in Anglo-Indian Commercial Relations in the 1680s 4. Indian merchants, company protection and the development of the Bombay shipping pass regime Part II: Religion, Society, Ethnographic Reconnaissance, and Inter Cultural Encounters 5. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem - The Religious Governance, Religious Sufferance and the Corporate Chaplain in India 1610-1701 6. Maritime Society in an Early Modern Port City: Negotiating family, religion and the English Company in Madras 7. Domesticity in Early Colonial Bengal 8. The Travellers tales: The Travel Writings of Itesamuddin and Abu Taleb Khan Part III: Diplomacy, Power, and the Company State - 222 322 9. Jahangir s Paintings 10. The Contested State: Political Authority and the Decentred Foundations of the Early Modern Colonial State in Asia 11. Messing, caste, and resistance: the production of jail-scapes and penal regimes in the early 1840s 12. A Case of Multiple Existences: The Loyal Bombay Purbaiya and his rebellious cousin in Bengal Index
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Aske Laursen Brock; David Veevers; Haig Smith; Jeena Sarah Jacob; Liam D. Haydon; Mahesh Gopalan; Michael Wagner; Rachna Singh; Ruchika Sharma; Sabyasachi Dasgupta; Tristan Stein